Innocent people are being killed on the daily basis.
Blood being shed.
Lives are being taken and all we do is look away.

„I can’t breathe“, is what he said.
With a knee on his neck he took his last breath.
No it was not a coincidence.
He should not have been dead.

George Floyd was
a man
a father
a human.

We live in a society, where being black is seen as a threat.
It could mean your death.
For decades black people are seen as less.
Less worthy of living.

How come?
After years of slavery, torture and tear
The black community still believes in us.
Believes that we could change.
How come?

If hate is learned, it can be unlearned.
Nobody is born a racist. But you choose to be.
Stand up for what is right.

Tonight black people still can’t live without fear.
Holding a brush or phone,
running home to their family,
or simply breathing could all make them get shot.

Verfasserin: Nadine, ehemalige 6D

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