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Water is important, not only for me and you, but for all the plants and all the creatures on earth too.
We shouldn’t take water for granted, yes, that‘s true, not to waste water is important for me and you.

Could you imagine the world without it? With no oceans, with no seas and no lakes and no trees?

There would be no life for us. There is nothing to discuss.

Without plants we couldn’t breathe. And that would be our death.
We need water to drink. To survive it’s the most important thing.

If we don’t protect our nature. It would be our biggest failure.

Climate would change, water would run short. There could be no more life in any sort.

Can’t you see, how important it is for you and me.
To save the water, for every son and every daughter. (Written by Fabian)

Valuing water

Water, very important for us sea turtles. There’re several reasons why, but first, water is our habitat – we always spend our time in the sea, except during nesting season. There, me and all the other female sea turtles come to the beach and lay our eggs, but more often the beaches are full of waste. I would like to add that we have to come back to the surface regularly to take a breath.

Another reason why water is important to us, would be that we also hunt in the water. I personally prefer crabs and jellyfish. By the way, currently all my friends are talking about a new species of jellyfish. Apparently, it doesn’t taste that good but when we are hungry, we just eat what we find. To be honest, nobody can actually tell them apart. That’s a big problem for us because until now, all my friends, who ate this new species of jellyfish, died.

I think they are poisonous. As long as nobody can tell the difference between this new species and the regular jellyfish, we live in danger. Another problem we have to deal with are the fishing nets. I lost a good friend because of them. We saw the nets too late. Luckily, I was fast enough to escape but unfortunately my friend wasn’t.

I have also recently realised that the male sea turtles are outnumbered because of global warming. To sum up, we are endangered, and I’m really worried about our future. What will happen if there are more of these new jellyfish? Will my children all be female? Will we have to lay our eggs on garbage in the future? My biggest wish would be that in the future, sea turtles will always be able to reach a high age. (Written by Linnea)

Titelbild ©Ferdi Rizkiyanto